The following update was just posted at The HSUS website.

"After testing the use of cage-free eggs, IHOP will begin switching millions of eggs from battery to cage-free.

IHOP has confirmed that it is their expectation that by June 2010, IHOP Restaurants' purchases and use of eggs will include a minimum of 2 percent sourced from hens not housed in cages.

In December 2009, IHOP announced its plans to test cage-free eggs and The HSUS decided to place a moratorium on our campaign while IHOP began the transition. Since IHOP uses so many eggs, the company's move means that thousands of hens will be spared a lifetime of confinement inside cages so tiny they can barely move for their entire lives.

Thank you all for your support throughout the campaign. This progress wouldn't be possible without your efforts." is a campaign of East Bay Animal Advocates. This site is in no way connected with IHOP or any affiliate of IHOP. The still images on this website are of typical battery cage operations, not necessarily the same farms where the IHOP gets its eggs from caged hens.